Pakistan vs Tajikistan: Tajiks Triumphs Over Pakistan in World Cup 2026 Qualifiers

Mabateshoev, Manuche, and Hanonov each score to lead their team to a decisive 3-0 win over Pakistan.

Pakistan vs Tajikistan FIFA Qualifier

Pakistan vs Tajikistan qualifier matched held in Pakistan, Tajikistan’s football team outplayed Pakistan by 3-0 in the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers round 2 match, played at the Central Republican Stadium in Dushanbe.

Tajikistan’s Mabateshoev Shervoni scored the first goal in the 35th minute. Safarov Manuche added the second goal in the 65th minute, while Vahdat Hanonov sealed the win with a third goal in the 70th minute.

Despite the loss, Pakistan’s team showed spirit and determination but were unable to convert their chances into goals.

Pakistan vs Tajikistan Team FIFA Qualifiers Match

Tajikistan VS Pakistan FIFA 2024

Both teams fielded experienced and energetic players who played hard to win for their country. After the first half, Pakistan seemed to lose their confidence, while the Tajik players continued to press forward, relentlessly striking for goals. Tajikistan’s persistent attacks paid off, showcasing their superior strategy and teamwork. Despite Pakistan’s initial efforts, they were unable to regain their momentum, leading to a decisive victory for Tajikistan.

Match Summary:

Tajikistan’s 3-0 victory over Pakistan in the World Cup 2026 qualifiers demonstrated their superior strategy and execution on the field. With goals from Mabateshoev, Manuche, and Hanonov, Tajikistan secured a well-deserved win. Pakistan, despite their spirited performance, fell short in converting opportunities into goals.

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